Assets and Projects for Investors, Family Offices, and Operators.

Investment Opportunities with Value

Real Estate Wealth Management

At Surinvest we locate investment opportunities in the real estate market on the Costa del Sol a to the profile and strategy of each client.


We maximize the value and profitability of your assets by providing our experience and work methodology as Investment Managers with a “Value Investing” philosophy.

We are disciplined and respect our investment criteria, without distractions, focusing on:

  • High Quality Assets.
  • Prime locations.
  • Undervalued assets.
  • Medium/long-term time horizons.
  • Returns aligned to the risk profile of each portfolio.


We bring the criteria and experience acquired in leading firms. A team coming from Investment Management, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, and Financial Management in the Construction and Real Estate Development sector on the Costa del Sol.

Our focus on detecting, selecting and offering viable investment opportunities at a technical, economic, financial, legal, fiscal and commercial level.

Real Estate Wealth Asset Management Services

For investors with a Value philosophy

We locate individually undervalued assets looking for above-market returns.


Asset and project location. We tailor our work to the specific needs and mandate of our clients in the search, selection, underwriting, acquisition and closing of on and off-market investment opportunities.

Due Diligence. Once the asset has been selected, and prior to underwriting, we manage the technical, legal and economic due diligence process to ensure the viability of the investment.

Negotiation and acquisition of assets. Through our own network of local owners, investors, banks, funds, intermediaries and companies.

Consolidation and asset management. After acquisition, the objective is to consolidate recurring rents and maintain the asset at its maximum potential.

Development and value creation. We transform and rehabilitate assets by repurposing and repositioning undervalued properties into assets with market value. We seek to transform unproductive assets into an investment with equity value and long-term profitability.

Sale / Exit. At the right time and at the right price, and depending on the objectives of our investors, Surinvest executes the sale of the asset under the most advantageous conditions for the client. We can remain attached to the property if the new owner needs our property management services.